Do you produce videos with music chosen by the bridal couple?
Of course the bridal couple can choose their own soundtrack.  I can advise them regarding the editing as well as music appropriate to making the video clip dynamic and full of sentiment.
Do you cut the cake in advance?
The agreement reached with you will determine all that happens from the beginning to the end of the reception, without cutting the cake in advance.
Do you use the original audio track from the church?
The audio track from the church is one element that can be agreed on based on the wishes of the bridal couple.  The oaths and exchange of rings are, of course, ALWAYS the original audio recording.  My advice for the rest of the ceremony is to validate the images with the music.
Do you give us the DVD?
Yes, the video clip will be provided on DVD or BLURAY which will be in an appropriate holder with a personalized cover.
Do you give us the original recording?
Of course, the original recording will be provided together with the DVD.  I believe it to be a demonstration of professionalism and propriety towards the client, but above all it means you have the opportunity to have the original always in your possession.
Will the person shooting the video and the editor be one and the same person?

Absolutely and I think this is fundamental.  It is very important that the professional operator is the same person who deals with the editing.  In actual fact, the creator of the images should understand the look and style that will characterize the finished product – I must stress this point.  I personally carry out both the shooting and editing because what I produce is, and must be, of quality.

We have chosen another photographer.  Can you still do the video for us?
Yes, professionals have no problems working together: one job does not exclude the otherMatrimonio channel