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The way I see it, each wedding video is a film; it doesn’t simply comprise of some shots with music and special effects, but is rather a work of art, each with its own stars and nuances which make every single event a unique and exclusive reality. My philosophy is to create spontaneous and dynamic videos based on shooting and editing rules relative to the world of cinema. It is exactly this which transforms the standard “wedding film” into something unique, Creativity which goes beyond the confines of merely telling the story of the wedding, seeking the key to translating the context and content in cinematic style.

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“In life, each day differs from the previous one, there is always something new happening, there are always new stories. If I were one of those who concentrates just on recording the wedding I would be one of many; I, on the other hand, concentrate on the stories ...and stories never end ..."

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My name is Fulvio Greco, film-maker, and I work in the world of cinema and television.

"Born in 1977 in Rome, I gained a diploma in cinematography and I work in television, publicity and cinema as a film-maker.  Among my works are fiction, documentaries and reportage for the main national and international production companies as well as advertising and musical video clips.".

"Each video is personalized with perfect balance between music and live audio”.
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